SSSTS Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme

SSSTS is an acronym used for the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme. It is a two-day training course and is perfect for anyone who has supervisory responsibilities within the construction industry. This SSSTS training course will give awareness to all the supervisors about the legal responsibilities of their role in different fields like safety, welfare, and environmental issues. This site safety qualification is set by the UKCG. It is considered as the standard qualification for all the supervisors working in the construction sites. Construction skills and construction site safety proceeds simultaneously and these two elements should be infused in a construction site worker to encourage work skills and reduce the frequency of accidents and injuries.

SSSTS courses are specially formulated for the first-line managers or who want to take a supervisory role in the construction industry.

Why this course SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) is required?

This SSSTS training scheme has become an essential course for all the site supervisors as it will provide a complete understanding of health and safety issues. It is the moral and the legal responsibility of any site supervisor to monitor the safety of their workforce. A supervisor should ensure that all the work should be carefully planned, observed and implemented. To get these skills infused in the supervisors, they need to complete this course. So it is an essentially required course for any site supervisor.

Criteria of this SSSTS course

The main focus areas of this SSSTS course are to disseminate awareness about the importance of risk assessments in construction sectors. Another main focus point is the procedure of implementing various control measures on sites and how to use communication to ensure the site remains safe for everyone.

The main topics that are covered in this course are the Health and safety at work act, regulations and the approved codes of practice and guidance notes. The H&S Legal system, causes, types and the numbers of construction accidents, how to access the risk in all manner of construction circumstances such as: working at height, demolition, occupational health, fire, electricity, confined spaces and the control of contractors are also a part of this.

This course will give you a complete understanding of the structure of health and safety rules and the skills needed to perform on-site inductions, method statement brief and conduct toolbox talks.

How to apply for this SSSTS course

For applying for this course, you are required to enrol yourself in an online course. This is a two days course and you can apply for this easily by providing required documents and submitting the fee. After attending the course, the assessment will be done.

After the completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate that will be sent by CITB. The test will be a multiple-choice based test. The SSSTS training certificate has validity for a limited time and is valid only for 5 years. However, it can be renewed after re-applying for it.

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