CITB SMSTS Site Managers Safety Training Scheme

The Site management training course is a special course that is renowned by the industry for the delegates who need to meet the ever-increasing demand for qualifications with all the related knowledge to meet today’s demands of legislative. It is a great asset for the company owners and construction clients. In countries like the UK, acquiring a certificate of SMSTS training is mandatory if you want to work in the field of construction.

Basically, it is a significant certificate for those persons who want to make their career in the construction industry as a role of manager, supervisor or project manager. This course has a validity of 5 years, which is designed for Agents, Site Managers and the workers who are about to be responsible for monitoring, organizing, controlling, planning and administering groups of workforce and staff.

Why the SMSTS Training Course is required?

In the construction sector, accidents are quite obvious. Though they cannot be stopped 100%, but yes the possibility of occurrence can be minimized. So, it is important to have undergone the SMSTS training course in the modern-day construction culture. SMSTS course provides a great understanding of the various legal obligations and great knowledge in some areas such as green construction, welfare, health, and safety.

The ethical and authorized duty of a site manager is to ensure a safe working environment for the workers on the site. Any incident of injury or mishap is first reported to the manager. Thus, a manager needs to perform his job very carefully by monitoring the site and ensuring that no one gets hurt. The duration of this course is 5 days which is ideal in any role of responsibility within the industry of construction.


To enrol in this course, the delegate must have some skills that are given below:

  • Communication skills
  • Physical ability
  • Numeracy
  • Essential experience and skills
  • Literacy

The applicant must ensure that they are capable to attend and complete the SMSTS course.

How to apply?

The SMSTS course is one of the ranges of site safety plus courses which includes certification, registration, publications, and many other things. Before booking an SMSTS course, please ensure that you have understood and read the entry requirements that are mandatory and booking terms and conditions. For booking a CITB SMSTS Site Managers Safety Training Scheme, we at the Courses Helpline will help you.

We deliver CSCS courses and a whole range of site safety plus accredit courses. Each course is suitable for a unique role for the workers on the construction site and the booked course is protected by our executive. You should be proficient in English because it is the mandatory requirement for this course. The certificated is provided to the delegate and is valid for five years.

To renew your certificate, the delegate must need to attend a course named as SMSTS refresher course. This refresher course has duration of 2 day. After qualifying this 2-day refresher course, the delegate will get his certificate renewed.

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